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Trust Accounts

Helping grow and protect your family's estate.  At Malone Wealth family will always come first and setting up and growing a legacy to provide for your family financial security for generations is what we do.

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Brokerage Accounts

We know that interest on savings accounts isn't what it used to be.  A brokerage account is a great way to put your cash to work for you.  With thousands of different investment options we will help build the perfect portfolio for you.

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Independent Retirement Accounts are a staple to wealth building.  Malone Wealth not only helps manage your retirement assets but also rollovers.  Consolidating all of your IRAs or 401Ks into one account for a clear view of your retirement goal.

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Private Equity

Individual investors have been shunned from investing in private companies for decades but we are here to change that. Soon our clients will have access to these companies that have not hit the public market yet.  Imagine being able to invest in Uber or Facebook years before they ever went public.

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