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The Malone Wealth Charitable Fund

At Malone Wealth Charitable Fund, our mission is crystal clear: to empower the next generation with essential financial knowledge by ensuring that every dollar of contributions is dedicated to integrating personal finance education into the U.S. education system.

We believe that understanding personal finance is not just an option; it is a fundamental life skill that should hold a place of paramount importance in our educational curriculum. Financial literacy, encompassing topics such as interest rates, mortgages, investing, debt management, and taxation, deserves to stand alongside the most critical subjects in our educational landscape.

Our commitment is unwavering:

1. Education Transformation: We are committed to advocating for the transformation of the US education system to prioritize personal finance education as a core subject, alongside mathematics, science, and language arts. We work tirelessly to develop, support, and implement initiatives that facilitate the integration of financial literacy into school curricula.

2. Financial Empowerment: We are dedicated to equipping students with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the complex world of personal finance successfully. We believe that financial literacy is the cornerstone of individual financial well-being and prosperity as well as the end to the inequality wealth gap.

3. Inclusivity: We strive to ensure that personal finance education is accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic background, race, or geographic location. We believe in creating an equitable learning environment where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

4. Collaboration: We actively collaborate with educational institutions, teachers, policymakers, and experts in the field of personal finance to create effective and engaging curricula that resonate with students. Together, we can drive a lasting change in the way personal finance is taught in our schools.

5. Accountability: We are committed to transparency and accountability in every aspect of our work. We diligently manage contributions to maximize their impact, ensuring that every dollar is utilized efficiently to further our mission.

6. Advocacy: We advocate for policy changes at local, state, and national levels to elevate the importance of personal finance education in our schools. We believe that systemic change is essential to create a future where financial literacy is a universal skill



Join Us:

We invite individuals, organizations, and philanthropists who share our vision to join us in this crucial endeavor. Together, we can shape a future where financial literacy is a cornerstone of education, empowering generations to make informed financial decisions and achieve financial well-being.

With your support, we will continue to champion the cause of personal finance education, ensuring that every student is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate life's financial challenges successfully.

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