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Malone Wealth manages its clients' money differently. We adapt. Too often, we receive calls from people saying, "My accounts seem to never move," "I never hear from my financial advisor," or "My investments haven't changed in 20 years." These are the results of a firm becoming complacent in its past success and refusing to adapt to new market trends. The investment world is changing faster than ever, year after year, and we believe your investments should change as well.

Blockchain Technology & Web3

Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality

Renewable Energy & Agriculture Tech

Web3 & Metaverse/NFTs

Short Squeezes & Momentum Trades

EV Start-ups & Space Exploration

Ride-Sharing & Cyber Security

These are just a few examples of the changing investment world, and we're on top of it. Our team focuses its extensive research on developing market trends, technical analysis, early innovative technology, and tax-advantaged investing.

At Malone Wealth, we take a different approach to growing your wealth. We adapt.


Kevin Malone
CEO and President

Kevin is a 2nd generation financial advisor with over 40 years of family experience in wealth management. This combined with his deep entrepreneurial background he launched Malone Wealth in 2021. Malone says "My pattern recognition skills and desire for data research is what differentiates myself from other financial advisors. It's been my lifelong dream to start my own Registered Investment Advisory Firm and bring my expertise to families everywhere looking to grow their wealth."


As a fiduciary investment advisor, I firmly believe in putting my clients' interests first. My investment philosophy is based on rigorous research, disciplined risk management, and a long-term approach that seeks to maximize returns while minimizing risk. I aim to deliver superior returns to my clients, consistently outperforming benchmark indices, and hopefully lower their tax burdens. I achieve this by identifying undervalued assets and sectors, diversifying portfolios, and monitoring and adjusting investments as market conditions change. But what sets me apart is my commitment to building strong relationships with my clients, understanding their goals and risk tolerance, and tailoring investment strategies to meet their unique needs. With my expertise, experience, and dedication, I am confident that I am the best fiduciary investment advisor for any client seeking superior returns and a trusted partner in their financial journey.

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